Eagle Academy

Southwest DC campus relocation and build-out

SizeTargeted Occupancy DateOccupancy DateArchitect
17,500 SFAugust 14, 2020October 27, 2020
(10 week Covid delay)
Shinberg Levinas

The Challenge

Eagle Academy was forced to relocate its Capitol Riverfront Campus when the landlord decided not to renew their lease. Based on our success in developing the Congress Heights Campus on Wheeler Road, Eagle asked Blake Real Estate to manage the effort for the new Riverfront Campus.

The Solution

Blake assisted Eagle in finalizing a lease for 17,500 square feet of space at 1900 Half Street SW and went on to lead the value engineering exercise during the design phase resulting in a six-figure savings to Eagle. Blake then negotiated a lump sum construction contract for a price below the original construction budget. To ensure the major mechanical elements would be on-site when needed, Blake recommended and managed the direct purchase of nearly $200,000 of mechanical equipment, saving Eagle Academy over $30,000 in the process.

The new school included the construction of a concrete and steel mezzanine to take advantage of the existing two-story space to add additional classrooms, a new independent mechanical system, and a LEED Gold design.