Property Management

We take ownership of your property management needs:  See It. Own It. Fix It. 


At Blake Real Estate, we think of ourselves not just as a real estate service provider, but as a service partner focused on maximizing the value of an owner’s investment. We are experts at designing and executing real estate management plans, that accurately reflect and emphasizes an owner’s goals and objectives and meets their specific requirements.

What differentiates us from other real estate firms is the individual attention we afford each client. Blake senior executives are an integral part of the project team from the start, and are involved and available throughout the relationship. By focusing on personal attention rather than sheer volume, we are better equipped to ensure the outstanding results that you expect.

Blake brings the skill, creativity, and experience to successfully manage multiple property types and classes – from trophy to core to properties in need of stabilization, re-positioning or value-added programs – in any type of market. We can meet any property management need including:

  • Third-party property and facility management for office, medical office, industrial, retail properties; Class A, B or C properties; owner-occupied facilities; CBD and suburban Virginia and Maryland properties.
  • Building engineering and maintenance for safe, efficiently run properties.
  • Full in-house accounting and reporting, including CPAs with experience at major local developers and other institutions (learn more on our Exceptional People information sheet).
  • Acquisition or disposition due diligence when buying or selling.
  • Energy and sustainability management focused on operating your property in a responsible, appropriate and sustainable manner (learn more on our Sustainability & Green Initiatives information sheet).
  • Lease administration services to ensure that all parties (the owner as well as the occupants) adhere to the terms and conditions of the lease.

Dedicated Pros

Blake employs more than 50 managers, engineers and maintenance technicians, all of whom take great pride in the care of their assigned property. Because a prompt, personalized response to everyone we serve is critical to our identity, we emphasize accountability in our experts, and promote this simple creed:  See It. Own It. Fix It. At Blake we strive to see or anticipate issues; take ownership; determine the action and set the solution in motion.

Customized Maintenance

There is no understating the importance of thorough and consistent maintenance and engineering.  Our philosophy: Do it well, and your occupants stay happy and your building stays full.   Neglect it, with undertrained or overstretched people, and you will find yourself faced with vacancy losses, turnover costs, and a declining asset.  As a long-time owner and manager, we understand the critical impact that proper maintenance and engineering has on your investment.

Blake develops a proactive, customized facility management and maintenance program for each property that schedules and tracks all maintenance, repair and replacement requirements and activities. We are proud to have a talented team of technicians who perform a majority of our work in-house.  Our highly skilled staff adheres to our maintenance standards and programs without exception, and tightly manages any outside contractors who are needed to contribute to your building’s overall performance.

Customer-Centric Service

Our Commitment to Customer Service is a Promise and a Pledge:

“I pledge to give STAR Service to everyone I come in contact with – customers, visitors, vendors and colleagues.”

Blake Realty Star PledgeAt Blake, taking care of our customers and the occupants of our properties is our highest responsibility. We feel that above and beyond all the sophisticated systems, planning and equipment, it’s the people that matter. That’s why we go out of our way to provide exceptional service, displaying courteous and helpful attitudes at all times, and mentoring others in proper attitudes and behavior. But let’s be honest: all companies strive for this. The difference at Blake is that we make it our pledge.

As part of our STAR Customer Service Program, we each make a commitment every day – and once a year in writing – to make each property vibrant and successful through our appearance, our words and our actions. 

The Best Value

More senior executive involvement, great resources, proven performance, and highly competitive fees make us your best value in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

The Blake Real Estate Promise

RealEstateAward-ServiceExcellenceBlake Real Estate promises to provide superior real estate management, leasing and development services, delivering impeccable results and the highest quality projects that exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. We achieve this by relying on proven real estate professionals who are committed to innovation, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

“Blake Real Estate has properties with tenant satisfaction scores among the highest in the nation.”

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